A five-year-old girl from Russia entered the top three richest bloggers


Five-year-old Russian woman Anastasia Radzinskaya ranked third among the highest paid bloggers in the world. The rating was published on the Forbes magazine website on Wednesday, December 18.

“A five-year-old girl, originally from Russia, has become one of the fastest growing bloggers thanks to videos in seven languages ​​in which she plays with her father on her channels, including Like Nastya,” the message says.

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It is noted that large brands involved in the manufacture of toys and food cooperate with the girl. The total audience of her YouTube channels has 107 million subscribers. According to Forbes, the annual income of a five-year-old Russian woman was $ 18 million, excluding taxes, payments to agents, managers and lawyers.

On the second line of the rating is the channel of five friends about sports tricks Dude Perfect. Forbes estimated the income of authors in 2019 at $ 20 million. The first line of the rating went to eight-year-old Ryan Kaji from Texas. On the toy channel Ryan ToysReview, he earned $26 million in one year.

On November 20, Forbes named the richest Russian Instagram bloggers. It turned out that TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak earns the most on advertising – her income is estimated at $ 1.6 million.

In August, the media revealed the income of popular Russian bloggers. The leader of the rating was Valentin Petukhov with a YouTube channel about technology and gadgets Wylsacom.

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