“Agrocomplex them. Tkachev” again became the largest landowner in the Russian Federation


“Agrocomplex them. N.I. Tkachev”, which belongs to the family of the former Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev, retained its leadership in the ranking of the country’s largest landowners, published by Forbes magazine on March 3.

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It is noted that the land in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, as well as in the Rostov Region with a total area of ​​​​660 thousand hectares is estimated at 88.6 billion rubles.

In second place on the list was the food group “Prodimex” by Igor Khudokormov. Land plots located in the Central Chernozemny region with an area of ​​892.2 thousand hectares were valued at 65.1 billion rubles. The third line of the rating was occupied by Miratorg brothers Alexander and Viktor Linnikov (land plots of 1.047 million hectares and a cost of 49.1 billion rubles).

The magazine also added that for the first time this top includes such companies as the French Sucden and Agrosila with HC Ak Bars from the Republic of Tatarstan.

It is clarified that, in total, the rating participants own 8.3 million hectares with a total value of 617.31 billion rubles, which is almost a third more compared to the data of the previous rating (2019). Then the editors noted that the calculation of the cost of land was based on open data on the purchase and sale or the average cadastral value of a hectare, adjusted by a factor of 1.38, and the analytical report of the Sovecon company.

The leader of the list in 2019, as well as this time, was the possession of Agrocomplex im. N.I. Tkachev”, the area of ​​land owned by the company at that time was 649 thousand hectares, their cost was estimated at about 68.5 billion rubles.

In second place in the ranking was the Steppe agricultural holding, the main owner of which is Vladimir Yevtushenkov. The area owned by the organization was 412 thousand hectares, the cost was estimated at 45.6 billion rubles. The third place was taken by Miratorg, which then owned 1 million hectares of land in eight regions. The top five also included Prodimex, the Pokrovsky concern, the lands of Rusagro, Kuban and Agrogard.

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