Amazon founder’s ex-wife makes Forbes list of billionaires


Mackenzie Bezos, the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, was ranked 22nd in Forbes magazine’s billionaires list after the divorce process was finalized. Bezos himself is still the richest man in the world.

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The marriage was officially annulled on July 5, writes Bloomberg. At the same time, Bezos transferred about 19.7 million shares of his company (about 4% of the company) to the name of his ex-wife. The package is valued at about $39 billion.

Bezos retained a 12% stake in Amazon and the right to vote on the entire package previously owned by him and his wife.

In April, Mackenzie Bezos tweeted that she was relinquishing her husband’s share of the Washington Post and space exploration company Blue Origin. She also reported on social networks that she intends to give more than half of her fortune to charity.

In January, it became known that the Bezos, who had lived together for over 25 years, were divorcing. The reason was the affair of the founder of Amazon with actress Lauren Sanchez. Then the journalists calculated that if Bezos left half of his fortune to his ex-wife, she would become the richest woman in the world. In April, the media learned that Sanchez had also filed for divorce from her husband, Hollywood film agent Patrick Whitesell.

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