Billionaires from the Forbes list offered projects worth 70 trillion to the Ministry of Finance


The Ministry of Finance found out that billionaires from the Russian Forbes list are ready to invest 70 trillion rubles if the stabilization mechanism envisaged by the future law is introduced. Andrei Ivanov, deputy head of the department, told Izvestia about this.

He said that while preparing the draft law “On the Protection and Encouragement of Investments and Development of Investment Activities” (SZPK), the Ministry of Finance interviewed the owners of the largest Russian companies, as well as billionaires from the Russian Forbes list.

“They asked prospectively, if such a tool appears, how much are you willing to give <…> We received projects worth 70 trillion rubles,” Ivanov said.

It is noted that the key idea of ​​the bill is a guarantee of the stability of business conditions for investors, primarily fiscal ones.

According to parliamentarians from the Federation Council and the State Duma, the document was criticized for discriminating the rights of the regions. In their opinion, the subjects actually do not have the right to vote when considering investment projects, while it is planned to guarantee the invariance of fiscal conditions mainly at the expense of local budgets.

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Capital investment: Forbes list offered the Ministry of Finance projects worth 70 trillion

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