David Copperfield is the highest paid wizard in the world


American illusionist David Copperfield topped the ranking of the highest paid magicians according to Forbes magazine. According to the publication, over the past year he received an income of $ 61 million.

“We cut so that half of the body walks around the stage on its hands”

“We cut so that half of the body walks around the stage on its hands”

Sergey Safronov – about the TV project “Empire of Illusions” and new technologies in the world of magic tricks

The total fortune of Copperfield is estimated at $875 million, the article says. From summer 2017 to summer 2018, he performed 670 shows in Las Vegas.

Second place went to the duet of illusionists Penn and Teller. They earned $30 million with Las Vegas shows, a US tour, and TV shows.

Mindfreak reality show star Chriss Angel came in third with $16 million. He is also known for his performances with Cirque du Soleil, with whom he signed a 10-year contract in October.

Fourth place went to David Blaine ($13.5 million). Within a year, his income doubled through the sale of tickets for a North American tour and private events, the newspaper notes.

Members of the group of magicians The Illusionists were fifth with $12 million, prankster and host of the TV show The Carbonaro Effect Michael Carbonaro was sixth with $8.5 million, and British psychic Derren Brown was seventh with $8 million.

In April, Briton Gavin Cox sued Copperfield for causing injuries during a disappearance stunt. According to him, while the illusionist distracts the audience, the assistants take the people participating in the act out of the hall through secret passages. Cox claims that he and the other “disappearers” were led through unlit back rooms. On the way, he tripped, fell and was seriously injured.

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