Elon Musk entered the top 10 richest people according to Forbes for the first time


American entrepreneur, founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk for the first time entered the top ten richest people on the planet according to Forbes magazine. Such information was published on the publication’s website on Wednesday, July 15.

According to the magazine, Musk is currently worth $70.8 billion, with most of the increase in the entrepreneur’s fortune due to a sharp increase in the value of the Tesla company, which Musk heads.

Back in mid-March, the price of the company’s shares was about $400 apiece, but at the close of trading on Wednesday, July 15, the cost of one Tesla share was estimated at $1,541. At the moment, Elon Musk is on the eighth line of the ranking of the richest people on the planet, writes TASS.

On July 12, it was reported that the former wife of the head of Amazon, Mackenzie Bezos, became the richest woman in the United States. Her fortune is estimated at $62.3 billion.

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