Forbes changed traditions and prepared a rating of the largest shareholders

For the first time in five years, Forbes magazine decided to change traditions and did not publish a rating of the highest paid managers in Russia in the December issue of the publication. Instead, he prepared the top 20 capitalist directors.

Forbes analysts have compiled a rating of executives, ranking top managers by the value of stakes in the companies they manage.

“We have changed the methodology. Previously, they considered compensation, now we rank them according to the value of the block of shares of the company, which they own and manage at the same time, ”said Nikolai Mazurin, editor-in-chief of the combined Forbes editorial office.

According to him, the new approach to compiling the annual rating made it possible to make the product more interesting and show “the degree of trust the manager has in his company.”

“The leader is an insider and understands perfectly well what is happening in the company. The more shares of his own company he buys, the more he believes in it, ”added Mazurin, quoted by TASS.

In addition, the editors of Forbes came to the conclusion that the same names appear on the list from year to year.

“The numbers have changed, but the people have not changed, and the essence of this has not changed either. What we wanted to say, we have already said a long time ago, ”Mazurin emphasized.

Earlier, the American magazine Forbes published a list of the richest people in the world. The leader was billionaire Jeff Bezos, who founded the Amazon online store. In second place is Microsoft founder Bill Gates, with $3.2 billion less than Bezos.


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