Forbes has published a rating of the most successful Russian artists

Valery Koshlyakov is recognized as the most successful Russian artist according to Forbes magazine. The rating is published on the publication’s website.

According to the rating, the sales volume of his works in 2017 amounted to €147.6 thousand. Currently, the artist lives in Paris. In Russia, his paintings were not exhibited for several years, but an exhibition at the Museum of Russian Impressionism, which took place in 2016, returned him the status of one of the most famous artists in Russia.

Vladimir Potapov took second place with an income of €117,000 this year. The third line went to a painter from St. Petersburg with sales of €100,000 per year, RT reports.

The top ten also includes Muscovite Anna Acorn with an income of €70 thousand, Kirill Chelushkin from Paris, who earned €42 thousand, Muscovite Aidan Salakhova with an income of €39.9 thousand, Muscovite Vladimir Dubossarsky with an income of €36 thousand. also Muscovites Sergey Bratkov (€29.7 thousand) and Alexei Kallima (€28 thousand), both from Moscow.

Earlier, the portal reported that Forbes named the 100 greatest business minds of our time.

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