Forbes named the highest paid athletes of all time

American basketball player Michael Jordan topped the ranking of the highest paid athletes of all time according to Forbes magazine. If you convert all the money he earned into dollars at the rate of 2017, it turns out that the multiple NBA champion in the Chicago Bulls earned $ 1.85 billion.

In addition to the salary of a professional basketball player and numerous bonuses, Jordan received a large part of his fortune thanks to advertising contracts.

The second place in the rating of the American edition was taken by golfer Tiger Woods, who earned about $1.7 billion. He also mainly received money through advertising contracts.

Two more golfers earned more than a billion – third-place Arnold Palmer ($1.4 billion), who died in September 2016, and Jack Nicklaus ($1.2 billion), writes RBC.

Michael Schumacher, a German race car driver, came in fifth with about $1 billion.

Also in the top ten highest paid athletes are British football player David Beckham ($800 million), American boxer Floyd Mayweather ($785 million) and American basketball player Shaquille O’Neal ($735 million).

Earlier, reported that Forbes named the most profitable actor of 2017, which turned out to be the star of The Avengers and the film Mission Impossible, Jeremy Renner. According to the publication’s calculations, every dollar paid to Renner brought the studios nearly $94 in box office revenue.

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