Forbes named the most overrated actors of 2018


Forbes magazine has compiled a rating of recouped and overrated Hollywood actors. The figure was calculated on the basis of box office revenue for every dollar paid to the artist.

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The most profitable actor was the star of the Avengers Jeremy Renner (he brought the producers $ 82.7 for every dollar invested). Second place went to another actor from the same franchise, Mark Ruffalo ($80.2). Rounding out the top three was Amy Adams, who starred in the movie Power ($69.9).

The most overrated was Matthew McConaughey – his role in The Dark Tower brought the producers $ 1.1 per dollar invested. He is followed by Christian Bale, who starred in the movie “Vice” ($1.5), and played Matt Damon ($3.7) in the movie “Deadpool 2”.

The list also included actresses Melissa McCarthy ($4.90), Reese Witherspoon ($5.20) and Jennifer Lawrence ($6), notes.

In the 2017 ranking, Mark Wahlberg was the most overrated actor ($4.4 per dollar spent), Bale and Channing Tatum also made the top three.

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