Forbes named the richest wives of Russian officials and deputies


Forbes Woman magazine published the top 10 wealthiest wives of Russian officials in 2016.

The leader of the rating was the wife of the head of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, Gulsina Minnikhanova, who owns a stake in Luciano. The co-owner of a spa complex, a restaurant, a hotel and a fitness club earned 2,351 million rubles over the past year.

The second line of the top 10 was taken by the wife of the deputy of the Ulan-Ude City Council Vadim Bredniy. Raisa Bredniy is the Managing Director of Titan, a food manufacturing company, and also owns several stores. The wife of the Ulan-Ude parliamentarian earned 1924 million rubles in 2016.

The top three is closed by the wife of the governor of the Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz – Olga Bogomaz. Potato production at the Bogomaz farm helped the governor’s wife earn 864 million rubles. At the same time, as Dni.Ru notes, the income of Alexander Bogomaz himself for the same period amounted to only 3.6 million rubles.

Previously, Forbes named the highest paid actresses, the leader among which was the Oscar-winning Emma Stone with earnings of $ 26 million. As well as the highest paid actors, where the star of the films “Transformers: The Last Knight” and “The Third Extra” – Mark Wahlberg, the actor’s fees in 2017 won the palm. amounted to $68 million.

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