Forbes office in Kazakhstan searched


The editorial office of Forbes Kazakhstan magazine in Alma-Ata on Monday, April 2, was searched. This was reported on the publication’s website.

According to the editor-in-chief of the magazine, Askar Aukenov, the investigative actions, in which two groups of Alma-Ata police officers, witnesses and forensic specialists took part, lasted about two hours.

The first group escorted Deputy Editor-in-Chief Alexander Vorotilov to search his house, the second conducted a search directly at his workplace in the editorial office.

“The decision says that these actions were carried out at the request of Kakimzhanov on charges of disseminating deliberately false information. There are no further details in the ruling. We now have to find out in the DVD the essence of the statement. The publications on which the claims are based are not listed. In addition to Sasha, the resolution lists our colleagues from Marat Asipov, Sapa Mekebaev and Gennady Benditsky, who is no longer alive,” Aukenov said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Facebook page speaks of the detention of Asipov, Mekebaev, as well as columnist Anna Kalashnikova. It also clarifies that the portal and Forbes Kazakhstan are defendants in a lawsuit for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation filed by Zeynulla Kakimzhanov, the former Minister of State Revenues of Kazakhstan. Kakimzhanov filed a lawsuit against Forbes Kazakhstan and in 2017. The occasion was a series of publications about his commercial activities.


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