Forbes removed article about Biden’s possible senility


An article discussing possible dementia in Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been removed from the Forbes magazine website.

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In her article, columnist Elizabeth Bauer calls the assumptions about Biden’s senile insanity speculation, a copy of the article dated March 11, preserved on the Internet, testifies to this, RIA Novosti reports.

In 2018, Bauer recalls, President Trump successfully passed the Montreal Intelligence Assessment Test, which is used to detect dementia.

“If Biden’s blunders and verbal outbursts are not just Biden in his style, then there should be a simple answer: Biden can pass the test just as easily as Trump, <...> and then everyone will shut up about this, unless justified statements by Republicans that Biden is being pressured and manipulated in the elections against his interests, ”the journalist writes.

Bauer believes that the presence or absence of illness cannot seriously affect the opinion of voters, many of whom “simply believe that Biden is in the place of a moderate Democrat and are ready to vote, even knowing that his age creates a sufficient likelihood that he will not finish his term”.

On Thursday, the Forbes page where the article was published read: “This page is no longer active. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” No reason was given for deleting the article.

In early March, Biden accidentally confused his sister with his wife. American journalist Curtis Hook drew attention to the episode, the politician’s speech was broadcast on American TV channels.

Addressing voters in Los Angeles, Biden introduced his sister Valerie to the crowd, while pointing his hand at his wife standing next to him. Noticing the oversight, the former vice president corrected himself.

“They switched places, they set me up,” he joked.

The US presidential election will take place on November 3, 2020.

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