Karimov was on the list of the richest Russians according to Forbes


Senator from Dagestan Suleiman Kerimov entered the top ten richest Russians according to the Forbes Real Time rating.

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The fortune of him and his family is estimated at $ 18.6 billion. According to Forbes, in March it was estimated at $ 10 billion. Then he ranked 13th among the richest Russians. During this time, the state has grown by $ 8.6 billion, and now he ranks seventh in the ranking. It is noted that during the pandemic, no one’s fortune has grown by such a large amount.

The reason for this growth is the rise in the price of shares of the Polyus company, 78.8% of which belongs to the Kerimov family. On July 15 alone, securities added 3% in price and are traded at the level of more than 13.2 thousand rubles per share, while in March their value was about 8.3 thousand rubles.

On the eve it became known that the American entrepreneur, founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, for the first time entered the top ten richest people on the planet according to Forbes magazine.

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