Named the highest paid writer of 2018


James Patterson is recognized as the highest paid writer of 2018 according to Forbes magazine – he managed to earn $ 86 million. A list of 11 authors was published on the publication’s website on December 11.

Patterson is best known for the Inspector Alex Cross series of novels.

In second place is last year’s leader JK Rowling with $54 million. Thus, the income of the author of books about Harry Potter for the year fell by $41 million.

On the third line is Stephen King with earnings of $ 27 million. On May 23, his novel The Outsider was released.

The list also includes John Grisham ($21 million), Jeff Kinney ($18.5 million), Dan Brown ($18.5 million), Michael Wolf ($13 million), Daniela Steele ($12 million), Nora Roberst ($12 million), Rick Riordan ($10.5 million) and Erica Leonard James ($10.5 million).

In total, the top 11 writers in 2018 sold 24.5 million books in the US alone, earning $283 million.

Earlier in December, Microsoft founder Bill Gates compiled his own list of the best books of 2018.

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