Named the most overrated Hollywood star in 2018


American actor Matthew McConaughey ranked first in the ranking of the most overrated celebrities in Hollywood in 2018, writes Forbes.

This year, for every dollar of his fee, McConaughey brought producers only $1.1.

This result is largely due to the fact that the actor received an impressive fee for his role in the film The Dark Tower, which failed at the box office.

In second place, the magazine’s analysts put Christian Bale. Every dollar of his fee for the film “Power” paid off only 50 cents.

The third was Matt Damon, for every dollar in “Deadpool 2” he brought the creators of the picture $ 3.7.

In addition, actresses Melissa McCarthy ($4.90), Reese Witherspoon ($5.20) and Jennifer Lawrence ($6) were on the list of the most overrated actors, writes.

At the same time, according to Forbes, The Avengers actors Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner became the most paid back this year (each dollar paid by them brought in $82.7 and $80.2).

On December 26, it was reported that the Russians named the best musicians of the outgoing year. First place went to Philip Kirkorov.

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