Named the richest family in Russia according to Forbes magazine


Spouses Tatyana and Vladimir Bakalchuk, who are the founders and owners of the Wildberries online retailer, have been named the richest family in Russia according to Forbes magazine.

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For the family, this is the first appearance in the ranking and immediately on its top line, the newspaper notes.

The company was originally built as a family company, but formally all 100% were owned by Tatyana. At the end of 2019, she transferred 1% to her husband, which now allowed them to be included in the rating.

The combined fortune of the family is estimated at more than $13 billion.

In March, Forbes for the first time compiled a rating of the richest women in Russia who independently earned their assets. It was headed by Bakalchuk. It is noted that this top 20 includes those who have achieved results on their own, who are actively involved in the family business, but did not inherit it, or are doing business with partners.

Earlier, on February 24, it became known that, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI), Bakalchuk was among the 15 richest citizens of Russia. Then her fortune was estimated at $ 10.9 billion.

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