Nikolai Uskov, editor-in-chief of the Russian Forbes, fired


Nikolai Uskov, editor-in-chief of the Russian-language version of Forbes magazine, has been relieved of his post since June 9, RBC reports, citing a representative of the ACMG media group, which owns a license for the magazine in Russia.

Nikolai Mazurin, who previously held the post of editor-in-chief, was appointed acting editor-in-chief.

“This is not a one-time decision (on dismissal. – Note ed.) – negotiations on the termination of cooperation on the basis of a settlement agreement with Uskov began a long time ago, but he refused all the options offered and continued to systematically violate agreements and labor discipline, so the company was forced to go to unilaterally terminate the contract with him, ”said the interlocutor of the publication.

ACMG said that the reason for the dismissal was Uskov’s “dissatisfaction with the quality of work”, violations of labor discipline and the “non-competition” clause of the employment contract. It is alleged, in particular, that the media manager was not allowed to participate in “third-party events of other brands”, but violated this provision. At the same time, ACMG did not indicate which projects Uskov participated in in violation of the contract.

Uskov has headed Russian Forbes since January 2016. Prior to that, from 2003 to 2012, he was the editor-in-chief of the Russian version of GQ magazine. In 2012, the journalist headed the media group of Mikhail Prokhorov “Live!”, which at that time included the magazine “Snob”, “Russian Pioneer”, cable TV channel “Live!” and site

In early 2013, the group ceased to exist. It was decided to develop further only two projects – the TV channel “Live” and “Snob”. Uskov became the head of the latter.

In February 2018, the publishing house Conde Nast announced that Maria Fedorova, who headed Glamor magazine at that time, became the editor-in-chief of Vogue Russia.

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