The former wife of the head of Amazon became the richest woman in the United States


Former wife of Amazon CEO Mackenzie Bezos has become the richest woman in the United States. Her fortune is estimated at $62.3 billion, Forbes reported on Saturday, July 11.

It is noted that between July 2 and July 9, Amazon shares rose by 10%, increasing the fortune of the founder and head of the company, Jeff Bezos, by $16.2 billion. Walton in the ranking of the richest women in the United States.

The only person behind Mackenzie Bezos in terms of her wealth is the granddaughter of L’Oreal founder Francoise Bettencourt-Mayer, whose net worth is $64 billion.

Earlier on Saturday, it became known that the American businessman, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, became richer than the chairman of the board of directors of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett. Now the entrepreneur is ranked seventh in the list of the richest people in the world.

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