The head of Amazon returned to the first line of the ranking of the richest people Forbes

Billionaire Jeff Bezos, who founded and heads the online retailer Amazon, once again topped the Forbes ranking of the richest people in the world.

Bezos is worth an estimated $93.1 billion, $3.2 billion more than Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Warren Buffett is in third place with $80.6 billion. Fourth place is occupied by the founder of the Zara brand Spaniard Amancio Ortega, whose fortune is $ 77.9 billion, according to

Rounding out the top five richest people in the world is the owner of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg ($73.8 billion).

As the portal wrote, Jeff Bezos topped the Forbes rating for the first time at the end of June this year. At that time, the state of the 53-year-old businessman was $ 90.6 billion.

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