The owner of Wildberries Bakalchuk became the richest woman in Russia


The founder of the online retailer Wildberries, Tatyana Bakalchuk, surpassed the entrepreneur Elena Baturina and became the richest woman in Russia. Forbes reported this on February 20.

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Her fortune is estimated at $1.4 billion. Over the year, it increased by $400 million. Baturina’s fortune for the same period remained unchanged and amounts to $1.2 billion. According to the rating of the largest online sellers in Runet published by Forbes on Thursday, in 2019 increased by 88% and amounted to 223.5 billion rubles.

In 2019, the company completed 164 million orders, which is twice as many as in 2018. The range of items also doubled to 3.6 million items. In January 2020, the company launched sales in the European Union.

Bakalchuk was included in the list of the richest people in Russia in 2018. Then her fortune was estimated at $ 600 million. A year later, her fortune has almost doubled.

Forbes magazine previously compiled a list of the most notable businessmen who became billionaires in 2019. Among the first, the publication named the founder of the Wildberries online store, Russian woman Tatyana Bakalchuk.

The authors of the rating published on December 15 indicate that Bakalchuk became the second woman in Russia after businesswoman Elena Baturina, whose fortune is estimated at $1 billion.

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