Trump lost 138 positions in the list of the richest people in the United States


US President Donald Trump has dropped 138 spots on Forbes’ list of the 400 richest people in the United States every year. This was reported on the publication’s website.

Last year, Trump ranked 248th with a fortune of $3.1 billion, while in 2016 he was in 156th place.

The first position in the ranking was occupied by Bill Gates with a fortune of $ 89 billion. Last year, the Microsoft founder also topped the list. This year, he became the richest man in the United States for the 25th time in a row, the website writes.

The magazine has not yet specified what position in the list of the richest Americans the country’s president took in 2018 – the full list will be published on Wednesday.

According to the editors of Forbes, the decrease in the capital of the American leader was the result of several factors. First, in the era of e-commerce, Trump’s construction business is no longer profitable, they say, and secondly, his tactics aimed at combining the roles of businessman and president have not been successful.

Trump, 72, has been on the Forbes list of the richest Americans for over 30 years. He stated during the election race that his fortune exceeds $10 billion, but experts have repeatedly argued that his capital is much less.

At the end of September, Forbes analysts presented a rating of the largest private Russian companies. The oil company Lukoil again became the leader.

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